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Travel to Switzerland

For a Summer holiday, relaxing on a beach is a perfect way to take time out; for a long weekend, you can go on a city break; but what about if you want something more active? Defined by jagged, snow-covered mountains and stunning valley lakes, Switzerland has landscapes to die for.

Whether you prefer skiing and staying in a warm resort, a stones throw from the slopes, or whether you prefer hiking along a sunny mountain trail in the warmer months, Switzerland can offer views and experiences like nothing else.

TotalEnergies in Switzerland


Of course, Switzerland is famous for its skiing. Other sites in this article are less well known, but it would be a true crime not to recommend the thrills of skiing in the gorgeous Alps. After spending an exhilarating day on the snow-covered slopes, you return inside to your warm hotel to have dinner, before, if the fancy takes you, sampling the delights of ‘après ski’ – after-ski parties!

Skiing is not just about going down a snowy mountain! With parties hosted in clubs and bars every night, and restaurants to cater to every taste, Verbier is a perfect destination for anyone that wants to get out on the snow.


The Schilthorn is a mountain right in the middle of Switzerland, with a picturesque snow-capped peak. However, what you might not expect is what awaits you when you get to the top. Whether hiking up on foot, or taking the cable-car, it is well worth the trip.

At the summit, lies a revolving, glass-walled, fine-dining restaurant, giving diners a 360 degree view of one of the most beautiful mountain landscapes out there. Sit back in the warmth of the restaurant, and look out at the snow-covered mountains around you, down to the glistening lakes that lie in the bottom of the valleys that divide them.


While some people have taken a selfie with a foot planted on either side of a country’s border, proudly stating that they are in both countries at once, not as many can say the same about three countries. However, in fact, it is possible to do just this atop a mountain just outside the Swiss town of Martigny, where the French, Swiss and Italian borders meet.

If you enjoy day hiking, there is a round route that takes you around this mountain, through each country in turn, before getting back in time for dinner. With some of the most stunning views of the Alps in Europe, this trail is a must for anyone that enjoys walking.

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