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Travel to Mauritius

While some people prefer to travel to countries like Iceland or Norway for the landscape, or Vietnam for the culture, others would rather spend their hard-earned time off lounging on a sparkling white beach, having cocktails served to them with a wave of their hand.

Defined by both its glowing white sands and its rich plant and animal life (both below and above water); A true heaven on Earth, Mauritius is a place that we would recommend that no-one passes up if they get the opportunity to visit.

Mauritius struggles with Covid explosion ahead of tourism reopening


It will be obvious to anyone that even sees a picture of the white-sanded paradise that is Mauritius’ Indian Ocean coastline, that one of the primary attractions of this beautiful country is its stunning beaches.

Whether you enjoy swimming in the sea or snorkelling to look at the colourful fish and reefs close to the shore, or prefer to stay on dry land and play volleyball on the sand or even just lounge in a deckchair, Mauritius’ beaches are one of a kind, unmatched anywhere else in the world.


Many people have heard of safaris in Africa – travelling around the Serengeti in a jeep, watching out for lions and tigers, but have you ever considered a safari underwater? With some of the most beautiful life on earth hidden under the sea, and not a small number of fascinating historic wrecks, Mauritius offers the rare opportunity to safari underwater – from the comfort of a submarine.

While not for the claustrophobic, this offers a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see some of the most stunning fish around, and get up close with some real living coral reefs.


Found in the southern part of Mauritius near the renowned ‘Riviere des Anguilles‘ river, La Vanille Crocodile Park, is an amazing attraction consisting of a nature reserve of lush greenery, and exotic animal species from different corners of the world. The nature reserve covers 3.5 hectares of exquisite flora and fauna.

They consist of banana trees, bamboo, beautiful palm trees, tropical rainforest, and exotic fauna such as the crocodiles, geckos, and giant tortoises. For anyone that wants to get more up close and personal with some of the most ancient creatures still alive (while staying completely safe, of course), this park is a must-visit.

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