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Travel to Iceland

While some people prefer to lounge on beaches, others prefer to appreciate the breathtaking, but harsh landscapes of the volcanic island of Iceland. Defined by its awe-inspiring geography – featuring volcanoes, geysers, hot springs and active lava fields; Iceland is a place that many who have travelled there say that everyone should visit at least once in their lives.

In the Vatnajökull and Snæfellsjökull national parks, colossal glaciers are protected – a testament to the ancient nature of the Icelandic landscape. From the western fjords, to the Northern Lights, Iceland is truly stunning.

The most beautiful places in Iceland


While some might argue that this is a cliché, seeing the Northern Lights for your own eyes is truly a life-changing experience. As both a spiritual and astronomical wonder, Iceland is a beautiful setting to observe this stunning natural phenomenon.

Whether travelling around the northern parts of the island, or sailing into the Arctic Circle on a boat, if you go at the right time of year, seeing the lights is an experience you cannot miss.


Geologically, Þingvellir is the join between the huge plates of rock that make up Europe and America, but this isn’t the only interesting thing about it. Þingvellir was home for over a thousand years to the Viking parliament, where chiefs from across Scandinavia would come to discuss politics and plan wars.

Visiting today, you can only imagine what it would have been like even only 500 years ago, with the Nordic people coming together to discuss their world.


Many argue that Strokkur Geyser, the first-discovered of its kind, puts Yellowstone’s attempt to shame. Giving its name in Icelandic (Geysir) to all other natural hot water spouts, Strokkur is magnificent to behold. Every few minutes, all water is sucked into a deep rift in the ground, falling down only to be heated by the molten rock below, at which point it is propelled up at great speed, up to hundreds of feet in the air.

Surrounded by pools of boiling mud and steaming run-off water, this site looks almost as ifit was from an alien planet, and is essential for anyone travelling to the region.

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